RECENT WORKS 2022-2023

Inner life

The inner life is all that we become aware of when we gradually divert our attention from external demands. Then we realize that we have a body, that we breathe, that pleasant or unpleasant sensations invade us, that emotions and thoughts inhabit us.

Interiors variations

In these paintings the figure is represented indoors. The painter reiterates the idea of ​​solitude as a personal refuge. Using a very personal palette, rich in color, some works tend towards geometry and abstraction. The painter moves away from the representation of reality using simple lines, and few elements in the painting.

Bath time

Most of the paintings are small formats in bright colours. Colour is the main subject in these paintings together with human figures. Figures standing in a thoughtful mood, abstracted from reality.


Susana Mata transfers to contemporarity the pictorical conception as an essential search that ignores the superfluous, the narrative, to deepen into sensations and memories deposited in an image.

Activities such as painting, nap or diving in the water are excuses to retreat in oneself. Scenarios in which the figure is isolated, even in company.

Anna Adell

Art Historian

Director and editor in Magazine


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